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Monday, 10 January 2011 09:07

StrategyWe recognize that we operate in a dynamic and ever changing business environment. As such it is our continuous desire to be constantly proactive through the adoption of strategies that meet the needs of our clients, while constantly acquiring technology to maintain an edge over our competitors. These strategies includes amongst others:



  1. Provision of first class engineering and maintenance services tailored to meet the needs of our clients through the use of a highly professional, competent and motivated team, supported with advanced technology and guided by the highest standard of professional ethics thus ensuring that all work is executed in due time and in compliance with client recommendations.
  2. The achievement and sustenance of the highest performance standards unrivalled in the Nigerian market with future prospects in other African Sub-regions.
  3. Placing of premium value on human resources and investment in quality personnel through focused career development, recruitment and intensive training programs.
  4. Creation and implementation of a flat organizational structure thus guaranteeing effective channels of communication supported by appropriate and modern systems, policies and procedures.
  5. To constantly comply with industry and Government regulatory standards in order to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients, the company, shareholders and host community.


In recognition of the importance and need for a functional health, safety and environmental policy for its personnel and equipment whether directly or indirectly involved in its daily operations OMEGA maintains a standard policy on health, safety and the environment in all areas of its operations.

As Oil and Gas company, OMEGA complies with all codes and statutory requirements affecting the industry or client business sector. We adopt any plan that will enhance the business of safety in our organisation and comply with safety the programs/plans of our clients without violating relevant government legislation.

Our personnel undertake regular inspection visits to work sites for the purpose of internal safety audit (ISA) observations. Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the HSE policy and must therefore be accurate and comprehensive. Recommendations are given prompt attention and adequate resources mobilised to create safer work environment for our personnel and equipment. Hence, all company’s personnel undertake periodic safety observation program (STOP). Our management prides itself in the providing every employee with the requisite training and equipment necessary for to carry out his or her tasks in a safe working environment.

In constantly demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the workings of this policy statement, Our HSE policy will be continuously monitored and updated when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur.

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