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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 13:56

Mud drlling Engeering servicesThe drilling mud is the liquid or chemical formulation circulated through the well bore during rotary drilling and work-over operations. In addition to its function of bringing cuttings to the surface, drilling mud cools and lubricates the bit and drill stem, protects against blow-outs by holding back sub-surface pressures and deposits a mud cake on the wall of the bore hole to prevent loss of fluid into the formation. Serving as first line defense on well control process.

Our team of mud engineers and mud loggers have a track record of excellence they understand mud logging as multi-faceted service they know it combines traditional human skills of Geological observation with the latest in computer based data gathering. The result is greater drilling safety and more accurate timely hydrocarbon evaluation.



Mud logging services rendered by our team includes:

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